Frequently asked questions about passports
What exactly is a passport?
A passport is a travel document that serves as the ultimate form of proof for your citizenship when traveling abroad. Passports are issued to the citizens of all countries by their governments. US passports are issued by the U.S. Department of State.
Do I have to have a passport?
To travel internationally outside of the Unites States; yes you do. U.S. citizens are required to have current valid passports to exit and enter any international destination including return entry into the United States. It is the travelers responsibility to ensure their passports meet the entry requirements of their travel destinations.
How does UVC obtain a US passport for me?
UVC submits your duly checked and prepared passport documents to the directly to the United States Department of State. From there, we communicate and correspond directly with the Department of State on your behalf through the entire process. UVC offers a complete of line of expedited passport services including:




Please visit the Passports Services section of our website to see the full range of passport services UVC provides.

How long will my passport be valid for?
If your US passport is issued when you are age 16 or older, your passport will be valid for 10 years. If your US passport is issued when you are age 15 or younger, your passport will be valid for 5 years.
Where are the Passport acceptance Facilities in area?
Visit the U.S. Department of State Passport Acceptance Facilities page to find a location near you.
When I apply for a passport renewal, will I get my old passport back?
Yes, your old US passport should be returned with the newly issued one unless it is deemed damaged or to have been tampered with by the State Dept. It is up to the traveler to ensure which visas can still be used by carrying both passport and which will need to be reissued in the new passport.
What are the passport validity requirements for international travel?
Majority countries require that a passport be valid for a minimum six months from the date of your return entry into the U.S. If your passport expires before this, you must apply for a passport renewal.  Please feel free to contact us if you wish to check the passport validity and entry requirements for specific countries.
I have no available visa pages left in my U.S. passport. Can UVC add more pages for me?
Unfortunately, as of January 1, 2016 the process of adding additional pages to a US Passport has been discontinued by the U.S. State Dept. If you have no available blank pages in your passport, you must renew your passport.
To meet current entry requirements, how many blank pages should my passport have. Also, what exactly is considered a ||blank passport page||?
Passports must have enough blank pages to accommodate both entry and exit stamps for each country of travel. At least one visa page in your passport is required for each visa. Most travel visas that are stamped into your passport require an entire blank visa page though some countries require that you have two completely blank pages. An still further, some a few countries require these two pages to side by side. A “blank’ visa page” should be completely clear of any stickers, stamps, ink, or stains from any other pages in the passport.
Can you help change a name on a passport that has changed due to marraige or divorce?

Within the first year with the proper documentation, your US passport can be amended.  Otherwise, you will have to do a passport renewal. UVC can assist with either.process.

Can UVC replace a lost or stolen US passport?

Yes, with the required documentation, UVC can replace your lost or stolen US passport as quickly as same business day or 24-48 hours.
Please visit our Lost or Stolen Passport page for instruction.

Do children, even infants, require passports?

Yes, each individual citizen, newborns included, must possess his or her own passport. You are not allowed to represent other family members inside your passport. UVC can assist you if you need to get a new child passport or if you need to renew a child’s passport.  Visit our passports for minor children under 16 page for instruction.

At what ages does one apply for a child passport?

Your children must be 15 years old or younger to apply for a child passport.
Visit our Child’s Passport page to learn about passport requirements for children.

Can UVC help obtain passports for Non US citizens (foreign nationals)?

UVC can assist with travel visa services for most foreign nationals in possession of a valid U.S. Visa or U.S. Green Card.
However, we currently only offer passport services for U.S. citizens.
If you are a foreign national residing in the US from another country, please visit your country’s nearest embassy or consulate for further details regarding passport services.

What is a passport authorization letter?

The passport letter of authorization allows UVC to submit your passport application, to speak and act on your behalf to resolve any issues, and to pick up and ship your newly issued passport.

Can I fax, email, or send copies of required passport documents?

No, all forms and signatures on forms to be submitted to the State Department must be original.

How long will it take UVC take to process my passport application?

UVC levels of service are same day, 24-48 hours, and 5-10 business days.
We can even submit, process, and ship out the completed passport on the same business day your documents are received for very urgent emergency applications.

What forms of payment does UVC accept?
US Visa to India payments options include Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Money Order, and Check.

Payment methods accepted by US Visa to India: PayPal, Money Order, Check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Please note that with any submission using the DS-11 passport application form, the State Department fee (170.00 for adult / 140.00 for minor under 16) must be to be inside the sealed envelope. This must be a check or money order form of a check or money order and made out to “US Dept of State”.
For further information on passport applications that use the DS-11passport application form, see our pages for:

What mailing method does UVC recommend for both the sending and return off my passport documents?

You are welcome to use any form of traceable shipping you desire, however, UVC highly recommends using “EZ Ship” through our secure online order forms and using the auto generated Fed Ex ship labels.
Note: If you have an Fed Ex account number, you are able to input your account information through the EZ Ship and get auto generated ship labels as well.


Why use our passport services?

A part of the UVC family, US Visa to India is a trusted U.S. passport and International travel visa expediting service operating since 1989.
Our passport specialists submit passport applications daily and can process new first time passports, passport renewals, passports for minor children, second valid passports, and replacement passports as quickly as you need to meet your travel plans.

Emergency Same Day Rush Passport Service is available for very urgent applications. Call 877-UVC-VISA for details and availability.

24-48 hours

  • Submitted the next business day from receiving. Completed passport shipped on day of completion.

Same Business Day

  • Many services do not offer this service!!! Can be submitted same business day it is received!!! Completed passport can be shipped same business day it was received!!!


At US Visa to India, we know that life is not on a 9-5 schedule so neither are we. Our customer service agents are available to assist you by phone and email on weekends, holidays, and evenings (till 9pm central).
Customer service is hands down our highest priority and we strive to give each and every client and case the highest level of individual attention to detail.



Through the secure online US Visa to India order form, you can safely and with confidence provide travel, contact, and payment information, as well as upload your documents for a travel document specialist to review.

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US Visa to India boasts some of the fastest processing times in the Industry on many of our services.
Where other agencies say they can't or simply won't, if there is a way (and more often than not there is), we go out of our way to get you the travel documents you need when you need them.



Both ship to and return fed ex labels are conveniently auto generated and emailed to you through our secure online order form eliminating the risk of sending your documents to the wrong location and wasting critical time.
Simply gather your documents togeter, print the ship labels, drop your package at nearest FedEx location, and you are done.

Let US Visa to India do the work so you can concentrate on whats!!!
Your successful journey to India begins here!!!

US Visa to India is a UVC company, a leader in the travel document industry since 1989. We are one of the few India visa service agencies that has representation in each of the cities where there is a Indian Embassy/Consulate. As a specialized India visa service agency, we have helped a great many travelers over the years obtain their Indian visas quickly and effortlessly. Because of our efficiency, reliability, and second to none service, we have earned the support and praise from our loyal and growing customer base who have in turn helped us grow from a small local Houston company to one with multiple branch and affiliate offices across the country.

So, with a fair number of other travel document services out there, why should you use US Visa to India?

Note: The Indian Embassy/Consulates and State Department forbid passport/visa service agencies to make material changes to applicants passport/visa application forms. If an application form is found to have been tampered with, the application will be denied and future submissions will be likely be heavily scrutinized and delayed.

Our Solution: When you apply through US Visa to India, you do not have to worry about submitting incorrect India visa or passport documents. When you complete the US Visa to India secure online order form, you will be prompted to upload your required travel documents for one of our travel document specialists to review. You will be promptly called or emailed back with either positive confirmation or detailed instruction as to what changes need to be made or which documents you may be missing. That make you feel secure or what???

Note: The Indian Embassy/Consulates now enforce strict jurisdictional rules for Indian visa processing. Applicants are required to apply at a particular location that has consular jurisdiction over the state they live in. Applications sent to a wrong office will be can be delayed or rejected and returned.

Our Solution: When you apply through US Visa to India, you do not have to worry about sending your documents to a wrong place. If you choose the shipping option to allow it on the US Visa to India secure online order form, you be emailed a Fed Ex ship label automatically directed to the correct office. You just simply print the label and head for the nearest Fed Ex location. Now how convenient is that???

Many agencies advertise a “concierge” or “white glove” service which is basically a hefty fee for giving your application priority over others. At US Visa to India, you don’t pay extra to get the attention and service you deserve. All our applicants are equally important to us and All our applicants receive priority one status. Thank you for visiting US Visa to India and we look forward to assisting you!!! US Visa to India - Staff & Management

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